Pathology is the study of the science that studies the nature of diseases and how to prevent them. Pathology tests are a medical specialty tests that help determine the cause and nature of diseases by testing samples of body tissues and body fluids. The results from these pathology tests help doctors diagnose the diseases and provide treatments accordingly.
Pathology tests are an essential part of our life and imperative for our wellbeing. There are over thousands of pathology tests out there. In this day of medical advancement, no treatment is done without first doing the necessary pathology lab tests. On one hand, simple pathology tests like blood tests are done as part of routine check-up to see if the body is functioning properly.
In these fast days of globalization, we rely on pathology tests like blood tests, biopsies, and numerous other pathology tests to determine, diagnose, treat and prevent infections, allergies, chronic illnesses, and countless other medical conditions.
Here are some of the most common Pathology tests that have become a part of our essential wellbeing.
Complete Blood Count (CBC) gives counts of blood cells:

  • Liver Function Tests (LFT) is a bunch of tests that take into account various liver enzymes and other things produced or excreted by the liver to determine whether it’s functioning properly.
  • Thyroid Function Test helps determine whether a person has an abnormal thyroid function.
  • Mantoux Test helps to determine whether the patient has been infected with Tuberculosis (TB) or not.
  • Stool and urine tests are done to look for abnormalities in bodily secretions.

Pathology labs and Diagnostic Centre in Hyderabad

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